By funding Saudi Arabia, Canada is funding Terrorism

It is long time for Canada to re-evaluate their relations with Saudi Arabia.

A few months back Trudeau recently green-lighted a $15 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia, making Canada the second largest arms exporter to the Middle-East behind the United States.  Moreover, we import billions of dollars worth of petroleum and oil from the KSA every year.

Doesn’t an arms deal with Saudi Arabia seem inherently immoral in itself?  By purchasing extensive amounts of oil from the KSA, are we not only aiding and abetting this terrorist regime?

Certainly, when it comes to funding global terrorism, human rights violations and an unapologetic, callous disregard for human life, Saudi Arabia is certainly at the top of the list.

They have committed ghastly, unspeakable tragedies, on its own population at home, and abroad.

In Saudi Arabia, women are not even allowed to leave their home without a male guardian.  Most are not allowed to work, cannot open a bank account without their husband’s permission, and are not even allowed to drive.  Trudeau portrays himself as a ‘feminist’, however how can he so highly support a country that does not even provide women with the most basic of rights?

Saudi Arabia’s tyrannical policies, very seldom afford any rights to its civilian population.  Political dissent is criminalized and can lead to brutal torture.  Homosexuality is highly prohibited and has resulted in stoning, lashing and throwing people off buildings. All Saudi’s by-law are required to be Muslim (atheists can face up to 20 years in prison) and people are still beheaded or crucified for non-violent crimes.

Furthermore, the KSA’s illegal war in Yemen has led to the death of many innocent civilians, and their airstrikes have consequently led to the suffrage of millions of civilians (almost 80% of Yemen’s population are in need of humanitarian aid).  Some say their actions against Yemeni Zaidis are indicative of ethnic cleansing. A recent airstrike at a funeral left 150+ dead and left 100’s more injured.

The KSA are also the principle funders of Wahhabism (an ultra-conservative sect of Islam that promotes killing ‘non-believers’).  It is estimated that since the 1980’s, they have spent over $87 billion propagating their violent form of Islam worldwide.   This has led to the radicalization of many Islamists worldwide, and has influenced many mass killings, for example, the perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, the Boston Bombings and the Bataclan Massacre were indoctrinated within Wahhabist mosques.

Furthermore, recent Wikileaks documents reveal that the KSA has been surreptitiously funding ISIS, in its relentless pursuit to overthrow Assad and cause even more instability in the Middle-East.

Why is Canada, a peacekeeping democracy which strives for inclusion and equality, supporting this brutal, authoritative government that perpetuates terrorism worldwide? By buying oil from the regime, we stand complicit amongst their heinous war-crimes, and even aid them in their attempts to radicalize Muslims.  It’s long time for Trudeau and Canada to take a stand, hold the Saudi’s accountable for their actions, and bring to light the despicable nature of this regime.

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BA in Media Studies from the University of Guelph. Graduated from the University of Guelph-Humber with a Diploma in Journalism. Former Research Analyst for Honest Reporting Canada. Published in the Huffington Post, Vancouver Province and many other newspapers across Canada. Specializes in Middle-East politics. Currently situated in Toronto.

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