Deep State Sabotage – a cause for concern?

Intelligence agencies are supposed to work for their government, however in the case of the US, it seems they have their own interests in mind.

Indeed, there has been a lot of controversy in the news after National Security Advisor was forced to step down due to alleged phone calls made with Russian diplomats.

Many in the public and media are cheering on his resignation, as their visceral hate for President Trump, seems to trump all forms of rationality.

The rationale being here that unelected bureaucrats in the Intelligence Agencies (CIA, NSA) are attempting to orchestrate an illegal coup against a public official in the Trump administration; who, as far as we and the FBI know, has done nothing wrong.

Not only is this a serious breach of the law which can result in a sentence of up to 10 years in prison, but when an unelected official uses his power as a means to sabotage an important figure in the government like Flynn, it is a serious cause for concern.

The concern being that, a democratically elected official – the main tenet of what makes the US a democracy – is at the mercy of unelected officials in the government, who are not essentially accountable to us, the people. The democratically elected president is subjected to checks by the judiciary body and even to the people, who have a right to impeachment.  We, as the people, don’t know and have no power to decide who works in these intelligence agencies, what they do, so we are unable to hold them accountable.

Will this set a precedent in the future that it’s now fine for intelligence agencies to leak information on their own government, because a couple people, (who are not in the judiciary body), think that a wrongdoing might have been committed?  Will this set a precedence going forward that will limit Trump in his actions and force him to walk on eggshells?

Certainly, leaking corruption and wrongdoing in the government, is important, so to avoid any idea of partisanship or hypocrisy, we should refer to Edward Snowden in this matter.  He revealed their was serious wrongdoing by the intelligence agencies (and there was), and he leaked it as a matter to bring awareness to the people.  He didn’t leak it so he could specifically sabotage someone (in this case the Trump administration), he did it because what the NSA is committing, is a crime against the people.  He also provided hard evidence in his claims; whereas, this leaker has not provided the public with any information.

Again, these leaks of highly classified information, were done on the basis of sabotage, not as a means of bringing criminal activity to light, creating discourse and educating the public.  These are the distinctions between whistleblowing and leaking.

Indeed, the proper channels that should have been taken, instead of leaking classified SIGINT, would be to bring attention to it in an internal matter, and to take the cause of concern to a judiciary body, or AG, or even Pence.  Certainly, these unnamed officials in the intelligence agencies, took matters in their own hands and acted as judge, jury and executioner.

Saying all this, it seems the media does not care that the shadowy deep state, is sabotaging the democratically elected government of President Trump.

It’s obviously more important for them to see the Trump administration overthrown, than seeing the tenets of our democracy upheld.

Indeed, it wouldn’t be surprising to me if it were revealed these leakers and many in the mainstream media, are working to serve the same, shadowy interests.

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