Google is hiring contractors to potentially filter Infowars out of its search algorithm

In a stunning revelation made by Mike Cernovich yesterday it was revealed that Google is explicitly requesting their newly hired ‘contractors’ to mark ‘Infowars’ as a purveyor of questionable veracity.

Indeed, recent changes made by Google, in what appears to be efforts to modify and elucidate the effectiveness their algorithm, show that they have hired contractors to search specific terms and rate pages based on their quality.  Here is the how-to-guide made by Google instructing these newly hired ‘Search Quality Evaluators’ on how to properly approach their new position.

The documents obtained by Mike Cernovich show in an email that Google is instructing its contractors to change their rating of Infowars from ‘Low’ to ‘Medium’.

New changes by Google also demonstrate how these contractors are required to mark material they deem ‘upsetting’ or ‘offensive’.

This new change was recently implemented March of 2017, and it had not been established as of yet that there was a specific agenda or partisanship that Google wanted their contractors to abide to.  Indeed, it appears on the surface that, up until these new revelations were made, it was left to the discretion of the contractors to decide what they deemed offensive or what they deemed as high ranking material.

However, now, it is not unreasonable to believe there is an agenda Google is trying to implement as they specifically instructed their contractors to mark Infowars content as ‘medium’.

In doing so, it appears Google is now slowly trying to send Infowars to the lower pages when users are typing in key words, banishing them to the realm of obscurity in doing so, as most are not going to click past the first few pages when looking up a specific story.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., was one of Hillary Clinton’s top funders in her campaign, during her push for presidency.  Sites like Infowars are recognized by the media for galvanizing a new Internet subculture in the ‘alt-right’ which allegedly helped propel Donald Trump to victory.


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