Hamas Glorifies Killing of Innocents

Hamas, the political party that governs the Gaza Strip has recently praised the terrorist in his inhumane attack on innocent civilians, where 4 soldiers were killed (3 of them female) and 13 wounded.

(On a side note, why does Twitter leave the Hamas account running, where they use it as a platform to incite killing and promote terrorism, while banning someone like Milo Yiannopoulos’ account, for simply having a differing, albeit controversial opinion?)

How devoid of any semblance of humanity do you have to be to feel happy when innocents are murdered?  Indeed, this is not the first time Hamas has championed terrorists for murdering people, as they have celebrated in the past when children and teenagers were murdered by dancing and handing out candies on the street.  Most recently, Palestinians were found celebrating after this specific attack – truly sickening.

Hamas specifically promotes murdering Jews in their charter, runs an authoritative regime (by arresting, torturing, killing any dissidents), and governs their people through Sharia Law.

They promote their hate and propaganda all over the airwaves to impressionable teens and children, and they spend all their money on warheads, weapons, and underground tunnels, in their attempts to kill innocent Israelis.  In order to protect their missiles and warheads they often participate in the act of using human shields to do so.  Hamas has also been found to exploit children to build underground tunnels, which has left many kids dead.


Currently, they are classified as a terrorist organization by the EU, Canada, the United States, Australia and UK.

Hamas took power in Gaza after winning with a small minority over Fatah.  They engaged in a bloody civil war in order to take power and strong-arm the civilians into submission.  Originally, they were elected for a 4 year term, however they have (illegally) been in power for over 10 years now.

It’s long time for the UN, and other global organizations to take action and eradicate this type of behaviour.  Peace in the Middle-East will not occur, if we do not stymie terrorist organizations like the Hamas, who has been left to fester in the Gaza Strip.

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