If Kissinger and Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize, so can Trump

As the internet collectively drones on about the doings of Trump, a new topic has perked the ears of many, that being the possible nomination of Trump for a Nobel peace prize.

Many are up in arms about this even being a possibility. However, it’s not wrong to say that were Trump to win a peace prize, he would be a better candidate than Kissinger or Obama.

Henry Kissinger, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973 for helping end the war in Vietnam is arguably the most unqualified winner in history, and it is absolutely farcical and astounding that he won such a prestigious award.

Let us look at Kissinger’s peace “accomplishments” pre and post 1973 (some of which are so bad, that his award should’ve been revoked.)

In 1973, the year Kissinger won the prize, he and Gerald Ford orchestrated the overthrow and assassination of Salvador Allende in Chile, which led to the presidency of Augusto Pinochet. During his reign, Pinochet imprisoned and killed tens of thousands of people, curtailed civil rights and liberties, and imposed and instilled an overall climate of fear within the people of Chile.

Kissinger, under Nixon, also escalated the Indochina war in Cambodia and Laos.  In Cambodia, during 1970, the US amplified their attacks on the country, which resulted in the absolute destruction of the economy, the death of one hundred thousand people and the displacement of two million people from their homes. The sustained bombing campaign enraged many Cambodians, leading to many disenfranchised youth to join the Khmer Rouge under Pol Pot, who took power in 1975 and as we know, inflicted an even greater misery onto the land. A California Congressman after visiting Cambodia, declared that what the US had “done to the country is a greater evil than we have done to any country in the world, and wholly without reason, except for our own benefit to fight against the Vietnamese.”

Kissinger, who also orchestrated a sustained bombing on Laos through Operation Menu, ended up killing about, according to Kissinger in a meeting with Nixon, “ten, fifteen [thousand]” Laotians.

Apparently, Kissinger, after all this, was apparently still eligible to win a Nobel Peace Prize, solely for ending a war that wholly rested on the USA’s shoulders.

Kissinger, in 1975, also granted President Suharto of Indonesia a green light to invade East Timor, which for two decades, resulted in the death of at least 250,000 East Timorese in one of the most thorough genocides in history (the population at the time was around 700,000). The extraordinary list of his war accomplishments which wrought death and misery on many peoples in the world can be found in Greg Grandin’s book, Kissinger’s Shadow.

Barack Obama on the other hand, although not as bad as Kissinger, was probably the second worst candidate in history.

Obama won the award in 2009, for “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”. Vague platitudes aside, Obama, during this time, maintained an aggressive policy against Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama was not a byproduct of hawkish policies orchestrated by his predecessor in Bush, as in 2004, in his run for the US senate, Obama declared that, “there’s not that much difference between my position and George Bush’s position at this stage.”

He also declared on the O’Reilly factor in 2008, that the Iraqi surge – a strategy which saw a sharp increase of troops in 2007 – “succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.”

Even so, Obama, in mid-2010, escalated the Afghani conflict by sending three times as many troops to Afghanistan. Indeed, when Bush left office, there were 33,000, by 2010/2011, there were 100,000 troops.

Throughout his presidency, he also extended drone bombings into 4 other countries in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Libya, actions, which killed thousands of innocents.

Regardless of how you perceive these events, or if you agree/disagree with these wars, it is clear that drone strikes and killings are the opposite of peace. Clearly, the givers of this award live in a parallel Orwellian universe where war does indeed equal peace.

Throughout his presidency, Obama’s policies also absolutely destroyed Libya as he overthrew Gaddafi, which singlehandedly decimated the Libyan economy, severely reduced the quality of life for Libyan people and made it a haven for extremist terrorism. The Obama administration also escalated the civil war in Syria which, resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands, along with the displacement and homelessness of millions more. The Obama administration also helped orchestrate a coup in Ukraine which overthrew Yanukovych, this, along with heavy sanctions and actions in Syria, escalated tensions against Russia, the world’s other nuclear superpower, putting the world at risk to a nuclear war. Under Obama, we should also not forget the tragedies of Abu Ghraib, where heinous tortures were wrought amongst innocent Iraqis caught in the madness that was (is) Iraq.

Saying all this, ever since Trump has been elected, he has helped to quell violence in Syria (although he has unilaterally ordered strikes upon Syrian facilities). Trump has escalated the war in Afghanistan by sending more troops, and is continuing Obama’s policies of drone strikes, but in doing so, has helped to exterminate the cancer that is ISIS. He has taken a hard line on Iran and Venezuela, but so far, is not responsible for the death of any people in those regions. For a Republican, Trump has proven to be a moderate as, tensions with Russia have appeared to warm up, with Trump repeatedly insisting for an alliance with Russia, along with his controversial move of calling Putin following his presidential victory. Let us compare these moves with Hillary Clinton, who if elected, would’ve increased violence in Syria, and worsened tensions with Russia.

More importantly (in the scope of this article), Moon Jae-In, the president of South Korea, has credited Trump for the historic reconciliation that is taking place within the Korean peninsula. He has stated that this move warrants a Nobel Peace Prize. Moon also stated that without Trump, the winter Olympics would’ve likely been a complete failure.

Certainly, in a normal world, all this, even with Moon’s proclamation, should not warrant a Nobel Peace Prize for Trump following everything listed. Yet following Kissinger’s and Obama’s Nobel victories, it seems that even Trump would be a more than worthy candidate to win the Nobel Peace Prize.


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