New exposé shatters any credibility CNN had left

When watching a news station, generally the main reason people turn to the channel is to inform themselves on the relevant stories of the day; or to further educate themselves on the more pressing issues of our time.  Given this description people attach to news channels, it is, or at least should be, their responsibility to provide just that, to the best of their ability, showing as little bias as possible, and as much integrity as permitted.  Unfortunately, in our laissez-faire, neo-liberal capitalistic society, these standards have diminished over time and what we are generally left with, is mediocre news coverage, thrown in with fluff and human-interest pieces, to maintain a steady viewership and to generate high ratings for as much profit as possible.  (Even so, the news channels in the US are owned by 6 large corporations who already make exorbitant profit margins, so you think they could shoulder the couple million dollars for the betterment of society, but alas…).  Most are aware of this fact, yet some still watch news stations because at the end of the day, most believe it is informative and necessary, and they’re willing to take some low hanging fruit, for legitimate news coverage.

However, CNN, time and time again, have proven themselves to fall short of even the low standard set for them; and a recent expose video, shatters any credibility they had left.

Indeed, this video done by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas shows an undercover journalist ‘chilling’ with CNN Supervising Producer John Bonifield, where on camera, the journalist gets Bonifield to reveal some very damaging and detrimental truths about the inner-workings and ethics of CNN.

John Bonifield, a Supervising Producer for CNN, has been working with the CNN for 15 years and has a very extensive resume with the company.

In the video Bonifield reveals that Jeff Zucker the CEO of CNN told their employees, through internal staff memos, to focus exclusively on the Russia story – not because it’s important or because it’s necessary – but because it generates “ratings”.

Bonifield paraphrases Zucker in the video saying, “‘Good job everybody covering the climate accords, but we’re done with it, (so) let’s get back to Russia.'”  Bonifield says that Zucker allotted a day of coverage for the Paris Climate Accords and told his employees to get back to the Russia story.

The Russia-Trump narrative has been proven untrue, time and time again, as after months of an investigation, there has not been an iota of hard proof suggesting otherwise.  Indeed, the former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, admitted there was no collusion and the James Comey testimony further proved this admission.   From the beginning it seemed obvious the whole Russia story, was a cover up for the DNC/Clinton crimes revealed in the leaked e-mails; however that is news for another time.

This point was even admitted by Bonifield in the video as he says that the Russia story is “mostly bullshit”, that the president is right in saying it is a “witch-hunt”, and is only done for “ratings”.  This essentially means that CNN is playing on the intelligence of the viewers, and is beguiling the audience to generate their own personal profits.  They are advantageously using the ‘journalistic’ label ascribed to them through former reporting done in the 80s and 90s by real journalists; and are using this association given to them to fool the viewers in to thinking they are actually getting the news, when it is essentially all a ruse, and they are just in the business for profit, and are playing on the viewers, who Bonifield says “want to see Trump get scrutinized”.

He furthers this point and disgraces CNN, along with journalism in general – demonstrated through his flippant attitude towards the idea of journalistic integrity.  He says, “all the nice cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism school, you’re just like, that’s adorable.  That’s adorable. [That premise is false] This is a business.”

Bonifield surmises that “a lot of liberal CNN viewers want to see Trump get scrutinized”, and that “Trump is good for business right now”.  He believes that if CNN showed the same coverage towards Obama that they do towards Trump it would upset their targeted base.

This interview alone should be enough to permanently damage the credibility of CNN to the point where it should not be taken seriously as a news organization; however, if you’re still on the fence, here are a couple more examples showing why CNN should be regarded as an absolute joke.

For one, just a couple days ago, three journalists stepped down in response to a fabricated news story on the Russia-Trump connection, by making up connections that were simply false.

And just a few weeks ago, a fake protest was staged by CNN following the London Bridge terrorist attack.

Here is the news piece at hand:

Ridiculous, right?

However, the most damning indictments of all were revealed throughout this past election process.

Indeed, when CNN hosted the Presidential debate; Donna Brazile, who worked for CNN at the time, was found to have leaked the questions to the DNC prior to the debate happening.  We can safely say that Trump probably had the deck stacked against him in this debate, as demonstrated through the CNN-lead “witch-hunt”, but for Clinton to receive the questions in advance, demonstrates the complete advantage she had over Trump, this being very undemocratic, in something as influential as a debate.

Wikileaks also leaked e-mails showing CNN staffers asking the DNC to devise a list of questions to ask Donald Trump during an interview.   To demonstrate the disparity with Hillary Clinton, here we can see a pre-planned interview with Clinton and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

It’s time to turn off CNN and get your news from another source.  CNN has proven time and time again they cannot be trusted for real news; and they are simply playing on their viewers’ intelligence to generate ratings.

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