Pathetic piece of journalism found in the Toronto Star and Toronto Metro – a complete disparagement of Trump supporters

“Modern propaganda is a consistent, enduring effort to create or shape events to influence the relations of the public to an enterprise, idea or group.”

Edward Bernays, Known as the ‘Father of Public Relations’

I am not a big fan of mainstream newspapers.  I don’t support a lot of the viewpoints they peddle and should I need to be updated on worldly news, the internet is more than sufficient.  Granted, they provide great insight for specific local and national stories, along with a good primer on what may be going on around the world, however, I believe they do not talk about the important issues, and much of the paper is segmented for fluff pieces. Moreover, when it comes to news about Trump, and US coverage, at least for as long as Trump was a serious candidate for president – a lot of the information is generally spun negatively; is never given a fair shake; is rarely objective; is generally very haughty, and for those reasons and more unlisted, I am usually left disappointed after reading Toronto’s papers.

So when I took the bus today and capriciously decided to pick up the rag known as the Toronto Metro; I skimmed most of the articles with indifference as I usually do, until I saw one article which really caught my attention, and left me asking the question as to how Torstar could allow such a deplorable piece of journalism to be published.

Here is the aforementioned story, written by Vinay Menon:

To my dismay, when I Googled this, I found the article was not only published in the Toronto Metro rag, but also, in the Toronto Star.  The Toronto Star – the once reputable paper that employed writers like Ernest Hemingway?  Yes, that Toronto Star.

Here are only some of the points which were very upsetting.  I will try to address them as objectively as possible – however, it’s hard to be completely objective, when we’re mostly dealing with slander and not facts.

There are many mysteries in the universe: The statues on Easter Island.  The Unicorn Frappucino.  But the biggest mystery of all is how anyone with a working brain can still cheer for Donald Trump

In this opening line, the writer is insinuating how anyone can support the very President of the United States. How dare people support and stand behind their president, right?  Indeed, half the country that voted, voted for this man.  That’s nearly 62 million people! Certainly, this type of remark, especially in the opening line, should be found in the fringes of Communist blogs, not in two of the most widely distributed papers in Canada!  For the writer and the newspaper to disparage potentially 62 million voters, calling them ‘brainless’, is frankly, insulting and petty.

At the midway point of Trump’s worst week in office – and that’s saying something – his travelling band of surrogates, liars, bootlickers, enablers, brown-nosers and excuse-makers are in quite a bind.

This is extremely unprofessional commentary. It is saddening to see this type of slander.  Anyone could make those same remarks about any past president’s cabinet and his team of advisors, yet they wouldn’t, as it is extremely insulting.   However, it seems the media is given free rein on Donald Trump – and they certainly have no problem slandering the leader of our most important ally and trade partner.

They can cling to fantasy or reality.  Fantasy: Trump is a victim of anything other than gross incompetence.  Reality: Trump is on the verge of implosion and they are destined to become collateral damage.

How is Trump incompetent, when he’s made billions of dollars, and elevated himself to presidency with the entire deck stacked against him? He’s certainly a novice politician, and perhaps a little clumsy when it comes to making decisions – yet, to say “Trump is a victim of anything other than gross incompetence” is complete slander, with little basis in reality, aside from the fact of course, if you’re referring to the minor flubs, like Trump releasing sensitive information to Russia, which turns out was overblown hysteria.  The ‘leaks’ were old information about ISIS terrorist activities, and it seems no harm was done, except for the supposed belief that relations with intelligence communities might be hurt.  This latter point being an assumption.

We learned what we already knew: Trump is so unfit for public office, so incapable of not shooting himself in the foot while wearing his socks on his ears, the world would be better off if the Oval Office were occupied by a Talking Elmo glued atop a Roomba.

Apparently, this man is presumptuous enough to speak for everybody’s collective needs.  Unfortunately, not everybody is a left-wing fawner who makes a living wage spouting celebrity gossip, which, let’s be real, is part of the reason why society’s intelligence has so greatly decayed.  People voted for Trump because they were sick of the neo-Liberalist, globalist policies that were exporting all the jobs to China, Mexico and India.  Some voted for him because they were sick of tireless warmongering, in Syria, in Russia, or wherever Clinton was probably going to bomb next.  Some people voted for him because America was no doubt, going down an already perilous path and Clinton was more of the same, and they wanted to shake up the system, take a chance in Trump, and the only thing the media has done, is shown utter disrespect (with pieces like this) to the millions of hard-working, blue-collared Americans (most of his voter base), who have provided great lives for their family and have contributed tax-dollars that have been wistfully wasted away on wasteful policies.  Not everyone aligns with your worldview Vinay Menon, and some people don’t believe in selling out, like you, who has no problem writing culturally destructive fodder for teenagers, this, probably in order to make a meagre salary and cling on to evanescent hopes of advancing in a newspaper that is going out of business soon anyway.

It’s one thing for Fox News, a longtime outpost for Republican talking points, to ignore, deflect or downplay the latest bombshells.  Fox is the equivalent of North Korean state media.  Any network that employs Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity – the axis of doofus – is not a network that is serious about reality.

‘North Korean state media’.  ‘The axis of doofus’.  Is this an article in the supposedly-reputable Toronto Star, or is this a shoddy cut and paste job of comments by enraged Clinton supporters who anonymously post puerile comments on Youtube videos?  Actually criticizing this type of filth is below me, but I’ll wade into the trenches of shit for posterity purposes.

On the subject of media bias, who downplayed every legitimate Clinton scandal while meticulously going over Trump’s life with a fine-tooth comb in hopes of getting her elected?  Who reported on the day of voting, or the day before that Clinton was a complete favourite to win?  Who actively participated in the Clinton campaign, to shill for her presidency? Who sent out debate questions prior to the debate, and received questions from the DNC to ask Donald Trump? Answer: Not Fox News.  My question is, do they receive the same criticism for their bias?  Or does that not suit the agenda being pushed here?  Moreover, this is again, very slanderous and insulting to all Fox News supporters, most of whom are tired of the liberal-media that talks about the same non-stories over and over again to undermine the legitimacy of democratically-elected Donald Trump.

There is much more to go off on, but I will leave this as is.  There is no doubt in my mind this is a piece of propaganda; whether it was done purposefully is unknown, yet a slanderous piece like this, does the trick anyway, as it creates the impression that Trump is a horrible president, and everyone who supports him is mislead.  Hundreds of thousands of people read this paper, and an article like this, along with all the other hysteria in the media, creates a very influential effect on the mind (refer to the Bernays’ quote above).

Aside from this, the article is insulting, condescending to the readers, haughty, full of disparagement and slander, and is an overall disgrace to Toronto and the once reputable occupation of journalism.

Vinay Menon. Vinay Menon’s stories are complete garbage.

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