Russian hacking diverts from DNC corruption

Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, meets U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on her arrival at the APEC summit in Vladivostok, Russia, Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012. (AP Photo/Mikhail Metzel,Pool)

A recent declassified report released by US intelligence agencies, which include the CIA, FBI and NSA,  assesses Russia’s influence on the US election.  Many claims are made throughout this report, however there is a glaring lack of evidence behind the accusations made.

To be fair, the intelligence report mentions that it, “does not and cannot include the full supporting information, including specific intelligence and sources and methods” because “the release of such information would reveal sensitive sources or methods and imperil the ability to collect critical foreign intelligence in the future.” 

However, this disclaimer should not absolve the ICA (Intelligence Community Assessment) from providing evidence to their claims (specifically in this report); as they are highly incendiary and are said with high certainty (in their claims saying Russia hacked the e-mails, and it was Putin who ordered his campaign to influence the election.)

In the presented report, there is little evidence behind the ‘assumption’ that Russia did in fact hack DNC/Podesta e-mails.  To support their accusations they resort to rhetoric: mentioning how Russia has used subversive intelligence efforts in the past to obtain information on the US, how Russia prefers Trump instead of Clinton and the fact that RT (Russia Today) has demonstrated themselves to be anti-Clinton and how their news reports can be interpreted as tools to undermine faith in US democracy.

Saying this; there is still no concrete evidence that directly involves Russia in the e-mail hacking.

However, were we to take the US’s word on this, is it really that important who provided us with these e-mails?  If there was nothing bad in these e-mails, then it would have not likely influenced the elections; however, because major corruption and nefarious collusion had been exposed, the influence was palpable and the Democrats lost.

The DNC was revealed to have sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ campaign, to receive debate questions prior to it actually taking place, and to take part in media collusion (Wolf Blitzer was provided with a list of questions by the DNC to ask Donald Trump).  Hilary emails reveal her accepting a $30 million donation from Saudi Arabia (but Russia tried to influence the election, right?  Not the Saudi’s.), they reveal her exuberant speeches to Wall Street, in which she dreams of completely “open borders” and where she says that the bankers and financiers should be the ones who make financial regulations (because they have really demonstrated their competence with the 2008 market crash, right?).  They also reveal her knowledge of the Gulf countries funding ISIS (yet still championing their cause), her using the Clinton Foundation (masquerading as a charity) for her own personal and political gains, and reveal even further media collusion with outlets like the NYT, Politico etc.  This is only a small example of the corruption that was revealed from these leaks.

For the US to invest resources on searching for who hacked these e-mails, rather than placing focus on the giant scale of corruption revealed in these leaks, shows that they are trying to distract and divert the public’s attention towards Russia.  Indeed, it was Putin who recently said that when there are many unsolved problems in a country, a well-practiced tactic comes into play, which is to distract the people by ‘creating an enemy and uniting the nation against them.‘  This strategy seems to be in use right now. Indeed, the DNC and Obama should be looking inwardly to fix their own party’s problems, rather than finger-pointing and blaming someone else.

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