Ayaan Hirsi Ali – “There are 500,000 little girls today in the US who have undergone or are at risk of being subjected to genital mutilation”

April 23, 2017 Jake Beaumont 0

Stunning revelations in a suburb near Detroit have transpired over the past week as in the¬†first federal case of its kind, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, an emergency room physician in Detroit¬†has been charged with performing female genital mutilation (FGM) on little girls aged 6 to 8 and then lying to investigators […]

The treatment of women in Saudi Arabia

March 17, 2017 Jake Beaumont 2

Following the humorous, yet chilling reality of the first all-male ‘Girls Council‘ in the province of Qassim, it seemed pertinent to write up a basic primer outlining the rights, or lack thereof, afforded to women living in the KSA – Canada’s biggest trading partner in the Middle-East. Indeed, Prime Minister […]