The GCHQ’s mandate is to spy, lie and obfuscate the truth – so why are people taking their word at face value?

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, ENGLAND - OOCTOBER 10: Amidst the houses and the car parks sits GCHQ the Government Communications Headquarters in this aerial photo taken on October 10, 2005. (Photo by David Goddard/Getty Images)

Following claims of the GCHQ wiretapping Trump, many seem to be taking the GCHQ’s response at face value.

Regardless of what they say, even if it might or might not be true – the GCHQ is simply not to be trusted.

In Western society, they are literally the closest thing we have to Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth‘.  So much so, the GCHQ even has a program called ‘MEMORY HOLE‘.  Clearly, they’ve embraced their Orwellian role in our society.

In the book 1984, Winston Smith’s job at the Ministry of Truth was to create false stories and rewrite history (newspaper articles) that falls in line with the official narrative.

Although the GCHQ is unable to rewrite history (which I’m sure is to the detriment of their cause) due to the advent of the internet and mass-media, they certainly create false stories, in order for people to align with the narrative that they want them to believe.

Indeed, JTRIG, a branch of GCHQ, attempts to control the online narrative by:

injecting all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable.

So JTRIG’s job, akin to Winston Smith’s in the Ministry of Truth, is to create a false narrative in order to deceive the unwitting population.

It seems Orwell was only 30 years late when he devised the title of his book.  Unfortunately for him, many seem to have failed to heed his warning, as people are quick to believe organisations like the NSA and GCHQ – even after the leaks revealed what they do.

Now, if the role of JTRIG failed to raise doubts about the GCHQ’s trustworthiness, it’s important to remember that they are also Britain’s largest spy network organization. The GCHQ is tasked with collecting data on British and international citizens on the same, if not larger scale than the NSA.

The GCHQ’s capabilities are so pervasive and far reaching, that leaked documents show a program’s mandate called KARMA POLICE aims to provide, ‘a web browsing profile for every user on the internet’ or ‘a user profile for every visible website on the internet.’

Indeed, documents leaked by Edward Snowden show they have the capabilities to do just that.  Just from having your IP or email address, they can enter it in their system and pull up all your internet information including: emails, browsing history, passwords, banking information, Facebook conversations – anything done on the Internet, is likely stored in their gigantic database and can be pulled up by the GCHQ.

Through a program called TEMPORA, the GCHQ also has the ability to collect vast amounts of metadata and audio phone calls.  As of September 2012 they collect “more than 40 billion pieces of content every day“.  When asked for a list of people Tempora targeted, lawyers said “this would be an infinite list which we couldn’t manage.”  Indeed, they are able to access domestic communications without a warrant.

BLACK HOLE, another eerie name for a program they created, collects bulk “unselected” surveillance, meaning that literally any person’s internet activities has the possibility of being collected through this giant dragnet.

UK officials claim they even “produce [a] larger amount of metadata than the NSA.”

With all this being said, keep in mind that there is a total of 850,000 NSA employees and US private contractors with top secret clearance to access GCHQ databases.

Simply said, considering the amount of information collected daily by the GCHQ dragnet, it is not absurd to think that information on Donald Trump, a very high profile character, was indeed obtained by the GCHQ dragnet.  Perhaps the US did not directly order the GCHQ to wiretap them, but there’s certainly a very high possibility that a lot of phone calls/internet data/texts surrounding Trump were collected in the giant dragnet. In a Guardian article, it flatly states that the GCHQ processes “vast streams of sensitive personal information which it is sharing with its American security partner, the NSA.”

For GCHQ to say Trump’s claims are “nonsense and utterly ridiculous”, is simply obfuscation.  The GCHQ has worked with the NSA since the 1960’s under the spy program ECHELON, providing them with global surveillance in places like Cyprus – all the while receiving funding from the NSA.  Moreover, as mentioned earlier, data collected through the giant TEMPORA program is openly shared and given to the NSA. GCHQ also works with the NSA through a program called MUSCULAR that taps into Yahoo and Google’s internal networks to intercept data on Americans.  There are also programs like ICREACH (IC standing for Intelligence Community), where the NSA has purportedly given other spy agencies like GCHQ access to SIGINT data they have collected.  It’s clear that the GCHQ and NSA work hand in hand.

Through these leaks, the GCHQ has proven itself to be one of the most untrustworthy organisations on the planet – even Snowden himself said that UK surveillance is “worse than the US.”

So why is the media so quick to champion the GCHQ’s statements?  Media outlets like The Guardian, and Washington Post, those who first broke the stories on GCHQ revelations are now defending the very organisation which egregiously breaks our Fundamental and Constitutional rights.  These organisations have been proven to actively spy on innocent journalists.  It’s very upsetting, therefore, to see these news outlets take the side of the massive spy agencies.

Regardless if what Trump said is true or not, it’s important to remember who are true enemy is – the unelected, unaccounted for, nefarious deep state and shadow government.


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