As a native born Canadian, I am very fortunate and lucky to be born in such an amazing country – even more so to the fact that I was blessed enough to be born amongst enough privilege, where I was granted stability, shelter, food and education to the point where I was wont to not need anymore; except to the point of, where it might be perceived as, covetousness, this, on likely account of my youthful ignorance, self-centeredness and/or visceral carnality.

As I have grown to appreciate what I am given, I have become more cognizant of the very laws and values upheld in Canada which have provided me and others with the ability to be able to obtain a full appreciation of life – as I am granted the relative liberty of being able to live life to the fullest; or in less abstract terms – the means to live life the way I envision, without any outside interference that hinders that very privilege.

As I seek to read and learn more about the world around us, it pains me to say that many are not afforded that liberty and are subjected to external forces that deprive them of the very rights/liberties which would allow one to do as they please.

It is this, the liberty to do one wants – so long it does not harm another – is what I seek to uphold and obtain for not just me, but for this country and all others around the world.

Everyone, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or age, should be able to enjoy the same rights that I was so fortunately blessed with – which is why I write and hope to raise awareness about the nefarious workings in our society which hinder, stifle or repress the average man, on his journey to doing what he wants – so long it does not harm anyone – and in that driving pursuit the ability to meet one’s physiological needs, has been achieved through one’s own volition.

What I write about will generally; directly or indirectly, according to my subjective comprehension, intuition, and understanding, relate to these matters – and I implore anyone who might disagree with my sentiments – to pose their own contentions, as the only way one can come to a full or just understanding of a subject, is through discourse upon all sides and arguments of the matter.

I wish you all well, and thank you for visiting.