The Treatment of Gays in the Middle-East

While the left laments over Trump’s recent move on transgender bathrooms, it seems rather appropriate to bring attention to a worthwhile LGBT issue, that being the problem of living as a homosexual under an Arab regime.

In the United States, gays and transsexuals are granted with equal rights as heterosexuals, while homosexuals and transsexuals who live in Arab countries, have reason to fear for their lives.

Indeed, in the Qu’ran and the Hadith, there are many verses not only condemning homosexuality, but in some cases, death is outlined as the punishment for these ‘transgressions’.

It’s evident that Islamic radicals are driven by the political ideology in the Qu’ran itself and these ideologies fuel their homophobic actions and hate towards homosexuals.

For example, in Orlando, an Imam preached to a congregation saying that gays must die and that killing them is the ‘compassionate’ thing to do.

Later that week, Omar Madeen shot up an Orlando nightclub massacring 49 innocents. The terrorist outburst was inspired by a religious ideology.

In the Middle-East, and North Africa where Islam is the majority, there are currently a total of  13 UN states where homosexuality is punishable by death.  Most of these countries use Sharia Law as a precedence for determining their own laws in their judicial system.

Unfortunately, in these countries, reports are scarce and unreliable, so it is rare to come across empirical data regarding same-sex executions, however there is still some documented evidence.

One being the KSA publicly beheading 3 men on account of their homosexuality,

In Somalia, a gay teen was stoned to death for allegedly committing acts of sodomy.

In Iraq and Syria, ISIS militants have allegedly killed 25 men accused of homosexuality.

Many in Iran are killed for homosexuality.  In 2014, two men from Iran were hung from a crane for allegedly participating in acts of sodomy.

In lesser cases, like kissing, the government in Iran and Saudi Arabia have been known to hand down sentences of flogging and jail time.

Certainly, this brutal crackdown on homosexuality foments anti-gay hysteria in these countries and it has resulted in many taking matters into their own hands – leaving many dead.

Furthermore, in countries like Saudi Arabia, there are reports that the government is pushing for more gay people to be executed.  Regardless of the West’s ever-progressing society, it appears that human rights in these Arab countries are regressing  – especially in the case of homosexuals.

One only needs to take a quick look at the protests happening in the United States, before looking at the daily atrocities that take place in these Arab countries.

Surely, our attention should be directed to ailing those who need it most, should it not?


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