Trudeau should distance itself from Iran; until necessary changes are made

Iran; the leading state-sponsor of terrorism, is a country that should be distanced by Justin Trudeau.  The atrocities committed by the regime are ones to be abhorred, not ignored.  They should be held accountable for their actions, and not until changes are made, should they be dealt with on a global stage.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau has no problem thawing relations with a country that violently oppresses its own citizens while funding terror worldwide, especially against our most important ally in the Middle-East, Israel.

Prior to his inauguration, Trudeau promised to ‘re-engage’ relations with Iran and reopen Canada’s diplomatic mission in Tehran.

He held true to his promise as shortly after he was elected Prime Minister, Foreign Affairs minister Stéphane Dion lifted economic sanctions after Stephen Harper cut all ties with them in 2012.

And just a few months back, Liberal MP Majid Jowhari was lobbying for friendlier relations between Canada and the Iranian regime, travelling across the country to obtain signatures for his petition.

Jowhari also hosted a meeting with Iranian parliamentarians at his constituency office last November, where they reportedly discussed relations between the two countries.

By lifting economic sanctions and fostering free trade with Iran, Canada and the government lines the Ayatollah’s pockets with more money.

Indeed, Iran is a state-sponsor of terrorism, and were designated the global leaders of state-sponsored terrorism by the United States.

Furthermore, the elite branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (Ayatollah Khameini’s military unit), called the Qods force, is Iran’s primary mechanism for dealing with and supporting terrorism worldwide and is considered by Canada to be a terrorist organization.

Iran has also detained Canadian resident Saeed Malekpour and sentenced him to a life sentence in an Iranian prison; with barely no justified pretense for doing so.  They have shown callous disregard for his case and release.

Under Ayatollah Khameini, Iran arms, trains and funds members of terrorist groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, Taliban and the PFLP-GC.  The country spends hundreds of millions of dollars a year funding terrorism and recently pledged to give thousands of dollars to Palestinians who commit lone-wolf terrorist attacks against innocent Israelis.

Iran also greatly oppresses women, imposes economic and educational restrictions on the Baha’i population – as well as jailing and murdering them (strictly because of their faith), executes minors, (as well as the most people per capita out of any country), tortures and imprisons journalists and have ignited many proxy wars in the Middle-East leaving many innocents dead in their path for Middle-East hegemony.

They also hold rallies where thousands of people literally chant, “Death to America”, “Death to Israel”. Here’s Deputy Head IRGC Commander Hossein Salami, leading a rally where vicious chants were made and effigies and flags were set ablaze.

How in our right minds can we deal with a country whose intentions are to wipe America and Israel off the map?

Furthermore, Iran has nuclear ballistic missiles which can travel thousands of miles, and they recently just conducted a ballistic missile test, violating a UN resolution and Obama’s nuclear deal in doing so.  More so, it’s very likely Iran has, and is still likely producing nuclear weapons.  Simply put, they are a threat to national security.

Overall, Iran has proven themselves a very real threat not only to its own people but to Western civilization as a whole.  Until changes are made, dealing with them should be off the table.  By lifting sanctions and fostering relations we are not only sending them the wrong message, by saying what they are doing is OK, but we are also setting a horrible example for countries who may end up following suit.

Trudeau should take a stand for what is right.  By dealing with Iran, we set a horrible precedent for months, if not years to come.



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