Trump to CNN, “You’re fake news”

For the president-elect to call out CNN and deem their organization as ‘fake news’ is nothing short of remarkable.

Throughout the entire election-cycle there is no doubt CNN had it in the bag for Clinton through and through.  After Trump’s stunning victory, instead of CNN reflecting on why we got here in the first place, they only doubled-down on their attacks against Trump, which could and should be seen as counter-intuitive, as it has served to rile up the general populace.  CNN’s irresponsible actions through their reporting have instigated political instability (as you’ve seen throughout the riots), which is unfortunate as solidarity is needed most during these tumultuous times.  CNN should aim to hold Trump to task for his promises he says he is going to make, instead of presenting fluff pieces and relying on character assassinations which have only served to undermine the peaceful transfer of power and his legitimacy as president.

It is clear, with these bogus stories, most recently the doctored memo,  CNN seeks to pander to their demographic, rather than educate them.  They are feeding the viewers with false information, and are not taking the time to validate/fact-check their claims.

When a news corporation’s mandate is to make money, rather than to simply provide news for the people you end up with an aberration like CNN.  They should be aiming to educate, rather than entertain.  They should be providing a balanced platform, rather than serving a partisan agenda.  Journalism is about objectivity, integrity, impartialness, non-partisanship, all this has gone down the drain to serve a corporate (and arguably globalist) agenda.

Long gone are the days of fact-checking and verifying sources.   CNN viewership and ratings are at an all-time low and more people are starting to get their news from alternate outlets.  Just like newspapers have been slowly phasing out; so to are television broadcasts.  The internet, with its vast array of viewpoints and information, has proven itself a more efficient way of getting the news. Even the president-elect circumvents TV media, by tweeting directly to his followers.

Unless CNN changes their ways, it seems they are slowly going the way of the newspaper.  If they want to regain credibility with the president-elect, they need to change things, fast.  Certainly, publishing this fabricated memo does not help their case at all.

It is clear CNN needs to do some introspection if they want to regain credibility with the president-elect.  Publishing this obviously fabricated memo does not help their case at all.

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