Trump vindicated – as it is revealed the NSA was (not so shockingly) collecting and spying on his phone calls

House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Devin Nunes has confirmed in a recent intelligence briefing that Trump and his associates were surveilled by the NSA and the intelligence community.   He continued on saying the information collected has been “widely disseminated” in the intelligence community and was further leaked to the media.

Nunes said that the information collected had “little or no apparent foreign intelligence value.”

For those who are quick to assume it was done in regards to Russian collusion it appears that even this is false, as Nunes said that, “None of the surveillance was related to Russia, or the investigation of Russian activites.”

No doubt, it appears the spying was done on President Trump as a means to collect any dirt they could – in order to subvert or sabotage his presidency.

Most of the leaks were have said to have been done between the months of November and January.

So what comes next?

Following the revelations, the US (and the world) is waiting on finding out who unmasked the phone calls and leaked the names to the media, who directed the intelligence community to spy on Trump, what and how much information was collected, under what pretence was the warrant granted and whether any action will be had on the perpetrators.

The surveillance itself is said to have been incidental and legal, however it’s been proven that NSA lawyers work tirelessly to find loopholes in the law that grant them the ‘so called’ legality to conduct any of their operations, no matter how Orwellian.

Now that the cat is finally out of the bag, many should apologise for calling President Trump a liar after making those claims (unlikely).

The fact of the matter however, is that the NSA nefariously spied on the President-elect, and had even likely done so before he was elected, probably in a (vain) attempt to sabotage his campaign. Many in the media and other leftists excoriated Trump for his claims on Twitter, saying they were baseless, unfounded, even paranoid.  They have now been proven entirely wrong, and instead of the media taking this chance to criticise the NSA and its overreaching capabilities, they’ll likely still attack Trump, or will twist the story in a way that fits their convoluted and transparent narrative.

EDIT: Nunes speaks to Sean Hannity here, to (somewhat) clear the air.


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